$20.00 a dozen

Seasonal cookies

$20.00 a dozen


$18.00 per batch (8 scones) 

*Scone flavors rotate seasonally, so flavors may not be available certain times of the year. 


$24 per dozen (three flavor choices permitted per dozen)

*Flavors marked with are seasonal/rotated

Cakes & Cupcakes

Cupcakes are $35 per dozen / Cakes 6" = $35 8" = $45  10" = $60

*Custom cakes/cake flavors available! 

Other Treats

Inquire for available selections

*Pie is always seasonal! 


Ready to order? 

No matter the event, Sweet Doe Bakery is sure to suite all your needs. We are especially accommodating to various food allergies and can easily do special orders or modify items.