Sweet Doe Bakery
Sweet Doe Bakery
Hand crafted vegan desserts. Made with love and integrity. Pure vegan indulgence.

Sweet doe bakery

Hand crafted vegan desserts.
Made with love & integrity.

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Our Mission

Pure Vegan Indulgence.

Sweet Doe Bakery provides people with beautifully crafted desserts that are full of flavor with no animal derived ingredients. We are a business built on the idea of quality. We believe in baking smaller batches, using high quality ingredients, and creating a unique blend of flavors. 

Something for everyone

Sweet Doe Bakery offers a wide range of desserts. From cookies and donuts, to cakes, cupcakes, seasonal granola bars, brownies, breads and so much more.


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What started as a dream has become a reality. Learn more about our passion for vegan baking.